Our commitment goes far beyond our work.

We actively want to promote training and awareness of environmental issues, which is why we play an active role in society.


We Care About Earth

We live in an era in which companies and society have stopped doing business “as usual”, to doing “unusual” business. Humanity has reached our days, the fruit of what the Earth has given to Humanity. Those days are coming to an end. An era begins in which Humanity has to give back to Earth what it received in such a grand way, which allowed Humanity to be what it is today. The first step is for humanity to become aware that the Earth needs our help, and that help begins with respecting and defending the environment.

The awareness of respect for the environment takes business to a completely new dimension, to which the business world has to adapt. STEELTRAX is the result of this awareness, as it was born with the aim of contributing to a greener, less polluting planet and more aware that resources are finite.

STEELTRAX develops its operation in full respect for the values of the Planet. We are committed to creating value for society in a sustainable way. That promotes social and environmental well-being.

We promote the circular economy, efficient and selective waste management. The rationalization of water resources, as well as other energy resources. We adopt measures and actions that lead to the reuse of resources, as well as the reduction of CO2 emissions.

We support and encourage environmental promotion actions that promote nature, reforestation of the planet, biodiversity, actions that promote environmental awareness.

We want our people to be ambassadors for the planet, through their behavior and involvement with all stakeholders. Just like our ambassadors in your homes, in your neighborhood, in your children's schools, all over the WORLD.

Valter Xavier, CEO

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