Development and manufacture of photovoltaic assembly systems.
Our commitment

Create value, promote social and environmental well-being and respect for the Planet.

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Specialists in photovoltaic assembly systems

Development and manufacture of assembly systems for large photovoltaic parks.

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We Care About Earth

We believe in a future where talent, ingenuity and resilience lead to common well-being, with full respect for the planet.

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Our goals in communion with planet Earth

STEELTRAX develops its operation in full respect for the values of the Planet. We are committed to creating value for society in a sustainable way. That promotes social and environmental well-being.

We promote the circular economy, efficient and selective waste management. The rationalization of water resources, as well as other energy resources. We adopt measures and actions that lead to the reuse of resources, as well as the reduction of CO2 emissions.

We support and encourage environmental promotion actions that promote nature, reforestation of the planet, biodiversity, actions that promote environmental awareness.

We want our people to be ambassadors for the planet, through their behavior and involvement with all stakeholders. We want you to be our ambassadors in your homes, in your neighborhood, in your children's schools and around the WORLD.

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